Helmet Frequently Asked Questions


Where is your store?

We are located at 368 Broadway, Suite 507 in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City, at the intersection of Franklin Street and Broadway. You are welcome to stop by, just let us know in advance that you're coming.   

How long is the battery life? 

It depends on what functionalities are turned on. If you are using all the functions (recording, safety lights, and turning lights) the helmet’s battery life is around 2 hours.

How long can I record the videos for? 

With the current compression at least 6 hours of video.

How do I upload my videos? 

Go to the Classon app and connect your helmet to the WiFi network.

1. If you have not configure your home or office WIFI credentials please do so using the ADD WIFI button and follow the instructions.

2. After your WIFI is configure the first time you will only need to toggle the WiFI indicator and wait for the helmet to be online. 

Why don’t I have sound or Auto Video on my app? 

The app is a Beta version, which means we are still testing out all the functions. We will have an app update very soon which will allow you to use all the features.

My app crashes when X happens. What do I do? 

When the App crashes, reopen it and there will be instructions on how to submit a report on what happened. This will help us build a better version for the next update.

How do I make the helmet wider/bigger? 

Please check the second screen on Safety Tips on how to adjust the helmet ratchet band.

How do I use the back camera? 

The back camera is not active in this release. It is going to be available in an upcoming update.

How do I charge my Classon? 

Please connect the provided charger to the wall outlet, lift the back rubber cover and plug the other end of the charger to USB port under the rubber cover.

How do I use the blind spot detection? 

The blind spot detection is not active in this release. It is going to be available in an upcoming update.